04.23.20 Company Statement

Information about Imbruvica (Ibrutinib) and COVID-19

For Patients Taking IMBRUVICA® (ibrutinib):

First and foremost, if you are on IMBRUVICA, please speak with your doctor regarding any questions you may have. Your doctor can provide medical advice to address your individual needs. Please also find further information about IMBRUVICA below.

Supply Chain and Production

We understand your need to know more about COVID-19 and your therapy. Currently, there is no impact to the supply of IMBRUVICA® (ibrutinib).  We continue to closely manage manufacturing and supply chain resources within and outside the United States, which are subject to robust quality testing to help ensure patients continue to receive an uninterrupted supply of IMBRUVICA.

COVID-19-Related Research

The safety and efficacy of BTK inhibitors, like IMBRUVICA, have not been established for the treatment of COVID-19. We remain open to collaborating with governments, academic institutions and healthcare professionals to support the collection of data and evidence generation that explores potential treatment options for people affected by COVID-19.

Patient Access and Support

Our access and support services to patients in the U.S. through the YOU&i™ Access program continues to be available. This program provides personalized help for patients to learn about access to IMBRUVICA and information on affordability options. For more information please call 1-877-877-3536.

General information

For more information about IMBRUVICA, please visit IMBRUVICA.com.

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