Our Culture

Possibilities ignite
when people unite.

At Pharmacyclics, our patients motivate us to push the boundaries of science. We strive to make a difference in their lives. It’s not only our mission, but our passion.

A Message from Ann Tomlin

Hear from Ann Tomlin, Head of Human Resources, about our culture and guiding principles.

Together, we are focused on success for patients and Pharmacyclics. We will make it happen together as a team. We get to the goal as one – inspiring, sharing and creating as a team.

Making the most of our diversity, each of us contributes our best to achieve a remarkable impact for patients. We solve problems for all rather than serving our immediate teams or function.

Regardless of position or background, here at Pharmacyclics we bring our unique experiences, opinions, and knowledge to bear, benefiting our patients.

We embody clarity of thought and purpose and ensure that our actions match our words and intentions. We foster a safe and inclusive environment of open and honest communication, enabling us to use our differences to propel the highest level of success. We take ownership of our mistakes. We encourage diversity of opinions, and support sharing them, even when unpopular, knowing that we are doing so for the betterment of our patients.

Attuned to opportunity, we make intelligent decisions and use our imagination to adapt and create great outcomes.

While never compromising patient health or safety, we act efficiently in a balanced manner, not compromising pace for perfection. We embrace experimentation, unafraid of failure. We accept what doesn’t work, learn from it, and get on to what does.

We act swiftly in pursuit of our objectives. Keenly aware of the urgency of our work, we pave the way for the next “magic of normal” moment for patients.

We plan ahead, streamline processes, eliminate obstacles, delegate when appropriate, assist and adapt as we go. We take ownership of goals, decisions, and outcomes, good or bad. When we fall, we learn from our missteps and quickly step back up to the plate. And, we are supported by our colleagues along the way.

We make great things happen. Undaunted by the challenges before us, we are contagious self-starters who are cooperative, energetic, passionate and optimistic.

By spreading a positive influence and spearheading collaborative, innovative and creative solutions, we can step outside our comfort zones. We go beyond the job scope to capitalize on opportunities by challenging conventional practices and discovering new approaches. We embrace the spirit that the journey is as important as arriving at the destination. Inspiring others to achieve their highest potential, we take pride in delivering results that exceed expectations turning possibilities into reality.

Every employee is an important contributor to the success of Pharmacyclics and is always treated with dignity and respect.

Our culture of patient-first, science-based and employee-driven success demands an inclusive and collaborative environment rooted in open communication and professionalism. We are always civil, courteous, and considerate, especially in the face of adversity. Knowing that our talent is the engine of our company, we respect efforts, opinions, self, others, and decision.

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