• Our Science

    Our scientists are in search of therapies that aim to transform the standard of care for cancer patients

Our science extends beyond the borders of our laboratories. We work to discover new therapies to advance the standard of care and strive to help patients rediscover the Magic of Normal. We also collaborate with research and academic institutions to pool our expertise, insight and resources to help create new breakthroughs for patients.

We are committed to fully exploring the potential of ibrutinib's unique mechanism of action against tumor cells and in the immune system in multiple diseases over the next 5+ years, both as single agent and in combination with a wide variety of other therapies. Our research also extends beyond ibrutinib, as our scientists work to discover new small molecules and biologics to advance the standard of care even further for patients with B-cell malignancies.

As an AbbVie company, our scientists are able to access a wide array of resources, scientific opportunities and expertise outside of our headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, adding to our overall research capability.

Areas of Study

We are committed to fully exploring the potential of ibrutinib as a therapy for additional diseases with great unmet medical need.

Healthcare Professionals

As your partner in care, we are here to collaborate with you to make a positive difference in the health and well-being of humankind. Together, we can develop transformative therapies for patients who need them.