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    striving to give back The Magic of Normal

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    working to deliver Breakthrough Therapies

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    believing the Power of Innovation

Every day, too many people miss out on the beauty and richness of life: A morning cup of coffee, reading to a grandchild, noticing a neighbor’s garden while out for a walk. These are treasures when someone has the strength, vitality, and opportunity to enjoy them. However, to people with life-threatening illnesses, opportunities like these can be erased by the overwhelming struggle to regain health and hold on to hope.

At Pharmacyclics, our every effort is directed toward bringing new therapies to life: treatments that help people return to the lives they love as quickly and easily as possible. We believe there is nothing more powerful than giving back in this way. We believe there is nothing more valuable than turning hope into reality and allowing people to focus on the splendor in every day. This is what we call the magic of normal—and we want this for as many people as possible.