Our Culture

The culture of any organization determines not only the focus of the work they do, but the quality of work, as well. In order to understand more about Pharmacyclics and what we stand for as a company, please read the statement below​.

"Our culture is the expression of who we are, what we stand for and how willing we are to be of service to others. 

We strive to be professional across all that we do. We realize that competence involves observation, study and practice. We realize that knowledge is as valuable as it is applied to improving conditions we face. 

We realize that by assuming responsibility, we open ourselves up to new ability. We believe in open two-way communication. 

We believe that a problem defined is a problem that can be resolved. We believe that at its core, innovation means to introduce change: “in” means enter and “novate” means to change or replace. We believe each of us is capable of innovation. 

We believe in transparency. We believe in performing our duties in 100% compliance with all regulations governing our activities. 

We believe our medicines should serve as true allies of both patients and caregivers that face serious unmet healthcare needs. We are committed to scientific and administrative excellence, integrity and doing what it takes to make things go right. 

We believe 'making a difference for the better' is a source of unparalleled joy."